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Creativity, Careers, and STEAM


STEAM education towards the future.

In a world where computer science is steadily becoming one of the largest fields of study in universities, where does creativity and art fit into things?

More than one would think. Creativity can be seen as the cornerstone of all innovations, and creating programs and coding is no different. After all, all those new apps that college students are coming up with have to start from a seed of an idea.

Having the visual arts, dance, theater, and music incorporated into education (STEM + A = STEAM) is a great way for kids to remain energized throughout the school day, allowing time spent in a more fluid setting while also learning more about their own interests. Studies have also shown that students who participate in the arts attain higher test scores, higher grade point averages, and overall are better attuned to the important skills of “collaboration, creativity, critical thinking, and problem solving.

It’s hard to think far ahead about careers when kids have just entered kindergarten or are still going through elementary school – but by adding Art into their everyday learning structure, and showcasing the overlap it has with the fields of science, technology, engineering, and math, it opens up many more avenues for the far future.

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