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Easy Access to Creative Outlets

Making tools available for everyone.

Here, the importance of allowing easily accessible creative tools is highlighted. Soundtrap is both an app and a website that easily lets users create music, in a way that’s much more intuitive than other music editing software. It’s this ease of creation that makes it so great – oftentimes, equipment and these music creating programs are meant for people who have been professionally trained, and are not as intuitive as most people would like. 

It’s important to give an outlet for people who may just want to fiddle around first, or put down an idea, rather than create a full fledged studio sound. By making creative outlets easy to access for everyone, it allows so many more creations to come to fruition. Furthermore, this means that even young kids can start fiddling around with creative applications from an early age. It allows them to problem solve, put their ideas down into a physical format, and also can be a great stepping stone to other, more advanced technologies as they get older.

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