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Getting Girls Involved

Moving towards gender equality in the field.

There’s a great need for more girls in STEAM related fields and careers. According to statistics, 75% of girls in middle school are interested in pursuing higher education along the lines of coding, robotics, sciences and more. However, by high school, their interests are pushed aside and only 1% continue to pursue careers in those fields. That’s why schools are now creating programs that encourage girls to follow their ambitions and interests. By incorporating all-girls classes and supportive faculty, Tech Town in Chattanooga, Tennessee is hoping that fostering these environments will help keep girls on the track towards science related careers. STEAM not only has academic benefits, but is also proving to be a way to lessen the gender inequality within career fields. By allowing girls to have continuous access and support for the fields of their interest, none of these young students will ever be discouraged from what they truly would like to pursue.

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