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Making Education More Transparent

Online learning helps parents follow along.

In Silicon Valley, the award winning Stratford School, which houses preschool through to 8th grade, has set up a website to showcase the various academic goals per grade level, and what parents can expect their children to learn from various programs. Called the Explore programs, the main focus is on giving parents a good idea of their children’s daily schedule. The curriculum itself is focused on laying the foundation of core subjects, as well as how Stratford “integrates STEAM…and foundational coding skills with robotics, music, dance, and art.”

There are also sample lessons available online to help kids start recognizing patterns, learn shapes, or to get extra practice in these forays. By having an online resource available for parents, it takes away the worry that kids aren’t being taught things that parents themselves would like. This transparency is one that should be mirrored in all things regarding education, especially with younger kids. It’s a way to track progress, or, in the case of Mozbii’s Coloring Book, can also be a way to see how kids see the world and transcribe that onto paper. Being able to understand and compare a child’s progress is the best way for parents to be involved, yet still let kids grow at their own pace. Stratford’s way of communicating and letting parents peruse for themselves is helpful, and better than a bombardment of emails. Also, the extra material available for kids gives them something school related to do when they want computer time!

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