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Mozbii Apps and Stylus Capabilities

How Mozbii fits the model of STEAM learning.

What makes Mozbii so unique and beneficial for children is the amount of options one can use it for. Just from the Mozbii stylus pen alone, 65,000 colors are able to be identified with a simple press of the stylus head. In addition to teaching kids about the nuances of colors around them, it causes kids to both play with technology yet still interact with their surroundings. The APPs created by Mozbii are geared towards learning. Kids can learn the alphabet, words, phrases, music, and interactivity, through various games and art based APPS. Instead of merely keeping kids entertained, Mozbii can allow kids to learn and have fun at the same time.

Mozbii incorporates both the art element and the interactive technology - therefore, the best of both worlds for kids. Not only does Mozbii encourage children to run around, looking for new colors to find, but it also encourages interaction between children. Sharing, communication, and ability to express ideas to one another are all developed through playing with various Mozbii apps. Pakingo can also be used to learn phonetics, the alphabet, words, or subjects - the applications are endless!

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