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Pros of Interactive Learning

No need to shy away from technology.

With interactive learning, education combines play with technology and academic goals. This combination therefore allows kids to heighten their school skills alongside their social skills. Furthermore, instead of having teachers try to maintain a certain level of attention for young students, a hard feat to achieve while they’re parked in their seats, interactive learning allows kids to expend their energy in a way that’s natural for them.

By adding movement to their learning habits, kids are less likely to act out, and will be able to improve their physical agility, strength, balance, and flexibility. Furthermore, interactive learning allows a splitting of the classroom into more close-knit groups – which makes it both easier for kids to interact and make close relationships, and also for teachers to lead the class. Instead of passive learning, where kids end up sitting and listening to a lecture, energy is injected into the classroom with interactivity.

Some subjects, like art, and science, are better learned in teams and with human interaction – therefore interactive learning, and using technology to connect the classroom to the outside world would therefore help keep kids connected, and involved with the ever evolving global academic community. By allowing students to engage with one another, whether in person or through technology, learning becomes a social activity.

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