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STEAM Helps to Transition Kids into School

By incorporating learning into play, the knowledge comes naturally.

In Modesto, California, Orville Wright Elementary School is giving twenty-four students a head start on kindergarten over a three week course over the summer. Throughout the program, the kids are introduced to the STEAM education style – learning through play in various fields. For example, by building actual models of the houses of the Three Little Pigs and using a fan to illustrate what the problem was mechanically with each structure. 

It’s some pretty advanced concepts connected to regular things that kindergarteners are used to learning. Teachers of the program state that kids at this age range, roughly 5 years old are “ready to go – a real bright, good group of kids”. By combining play with original types of teaching - at the end of each week there’s a vocabulary quiz, all based around the activities they’ve done over the past week – kids are prepared to tackle many different concepts from all around them. These concepts are then more relatable for kids, and will be remembered for a long time, proving to be very successful.

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