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Students Take Initiative at STEAM Academy

STEAM education at work.

STEAM education is proving to be a way to engage young students on topics that are capable of being brought into everyday life. This June, at Belton’s STEAM academy in Missouri, students were still extremely enthusiastic about their learning, even with school progressing for 20 more days than regular schools. One girl specifically states that she thinks STEAM is a better way of learning – as she “doesn’t like paper and pencil.”

Here’s the kicker for modern education – in a world that’s fast paced, with information with a scroll through Google, kids need something that they can really wrap their heads around. It’s a much more convincing and invigorating way of teaching when the young students realize what they’re learning is extremely applicable to real life. A group of three students at Belton were in the plans of making daily video announcements for the coming school year – something that teaches expression, organization, creativity, and technical filming skills. By incorporating art and moving away from the traditional model of teacher lectures, kids are becoming more involved, learning more practical application, and better enjoying education.

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