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The Benefits of Painting

Let kids explore and get messy.

For kids, art class is often a time to unwind and look at different things around them. Not only are they practicing their observation skills, but they’re also getting a knack for painting, drawing, ceramics, and the like. Where class can often times be incredibly stressful and competitive, especially as students get older, it’s important to make a space for kids that allows both relaxation and learning.

Children who paint and are involved in the arts are able to be more open-minded towards problems, and to look at situations more creatively. Further more, sharing and getting praise and feedback on their work may be able to boost their confidence level – it’s a skill that many people in the world enjoy, and creating a product for themselves that they can share would be a self esteem booster. The action of painting also helps the brain develop. Both right and left sides of the brain (creative, emotional versus analytical, logical, respectively) are developed through the creative process. Stimulating both sides at once bridges the gap and allows kids to reach their full potential. Furthermore, engaging in art allows kids to gain an appreciation for the creative process! This can continue on with them in the future, whether it be with more artistic subjects, or with problem solving in engineering fields.

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