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Why To Learn How To Code

It's the skill of the future.

With app work and the computer industry growing steadily in recent years, it’s no surprise that many people are starting to view computer science and coding as a subject to get into. Besides just the career options available for computer scientists, a lot of innovation and creativity can be added to why coding is such a great skill to learn. It also allows kids to become familiar with the fast paced education style that follows with technological innovations. When kids learn how to code, they’re also learning how to thrive in an innovation led environment. It doesn’t have to be an intense and rigorous type of coding – after all there are people in college who still struggle with the stuff! No, the importance lies in teaching kids how to think both logically and creatively. STEAM education plays a large factor in emphasizing the overlaps between, say, engineering and design. This allows kids to face problems from all different perspective. Furthermore, art and coding are highly similar – both allow kids to build confidence in their independent abilities, and think up creative, infinite possibilities. It can start by coding games, and there are many learning apps out there that can help kids learn about coding in simpler, more blocked out forms. It’s never too early to start introducing kids to topics they may possibly be interested in – and if coding doesn’t turn out to be a thing they like, there’s always more to discover.

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